A blood red sun that feels like it fills the whole sky,  sinking into the scorched savannah.

The blur of a cheetah running at full tilt. The span of a crane.

The watchful eye of a lazing lion. The yawn of a crocodile.

Safari brings you closer to life at its most raw and visceral. Life, tightly coiled, ready to spring into violent, beautiful action at any moment.

Life slowly stretches out in front of you on Safari, across endless breathtaking scenery, home to a dazzling array of creatures.

Yet it can flash in front of your eyes too.

Our recent Safaris have taken us to Sabi Sabi in South Africa, Livingstone in Zambia and Chobe in Botswana. Here we saw leopard’s devouring a young elephant and a lioness prowling by the hotel pool, but the closest call came while out on the Zambezi River, when for a moment time stood still.

It was a calm and peaceful sunset cruise. The sun nudging the horizon. We were admiring stunning pods of salmon pink hippos enjoying an evening dip, while keeping a safe distance.

When out of nowhere a full-grown male powered out of the water right by our boat, letting out a terrifying roar, sending fear pulsing through the boat party, before sinking back into the depths.

Had the hippo submerged 30 seconds earlier he would have capsized our boat into the crocodile infested waters of one of the world’s most fearsome rivers.

Cheery thought that.

Later that night, back at camp, enjoying one of our many starlit dinners, we shared tales of the road. As the wine flowed, the animals got bigger, the danger got closer, the heroics got bolder.

And that’s what Safari gives you – a chance to see life up close, in focus – a reminder to explore every opportunity, and enjoy it to the very fullest.