Owner and Managing Director

My Father started this business in 1991 and I spent my formative years listening to him telling me stories of all these extraordinary places he had been to, these great events he had done and how great his job is. After running my own company for 15 years, I joined him as MD and did a couple of years apprenticeship under him and took great delight in learning from the best. In 2010, I bought the company from him, re-branded it and set sail on a new chapter in the company history. Dad's still there as a sounding board - there's always a moment when someone with 25 years experience comes in handy! I have a great team and we are very good at what we do. We work hard and for me, the buzz of being on site with them and watching a year's work and planning come together is what it's all about. Late nights, early starts, little sleep and grabbing a bite to eat when you can is all part of the deal but the pay-off is that my workplace is some of the World's most beautiful locations. Dad was right - it is a fab job!

Favourite Group Destination

I know it wouldn't be for everyone but India is top of my list. It is an extraordinary country which just assaults your senses as soon as you arrive. Colour, noise, smells, great sights and sad sights and smiles. So many smiles. If you embrace India, it welcomes you with open arms. It is so unique and so wonderful. The hotels are amazing, the food is a big step up from your local takeaway and the people are amazing. I love India and cannot wait to go back.


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