• Location: Truman Brewery, London.
  • Date: December 2014
  • Numbers: 840

As Shakin’ Stevens once sang.... "room is swaying, records playing, all the songs, we love to hear all I wish that everyday was Christmas, what a nice way to spend the year" (NB For those of you born after 1985, he was Britain’s version of Elvis!). So the Christmas party season was upon us, and the London HQ of Worldpay once again gave us the nod to put together a party that would appeal to all.

A sit down bash for 900 employees was the brief with a few twists and turns along the way. A quirky space is top of the criteria too. So we settled on The Truman Brewery, an industrial space near Brick Lane, London. Gobos to light the entrance, sparkling reindeer to bring the festive mood, drink on tap, 3 courses of food, party hats, games, street crew dancers, lots of fun....and a celebrity DJ to play the music. Mark Wright of TOWIE fame, added a little bit of eye candy (not my words) and proved to be a popular choice amongst the thronging masses.

As everyone sauntered off into the night sky, it was very apparent that everyone had a night to remember, although one or two might not have been able to remember it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Last night was an absolute blast THAT was a Worldpay party.

Kate McVarish

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