Reykjavik Rough Guides top city for 2016

January 8, 2016

It’s not news to us. We love Reykjavik. It has it all for a group destination. It’s quirky, it’s unique and it’s fab. The food is delicious. You surely cannot get a whiter piece of cod anywhere in the world. Although I would recommend giving the fermented shark a very wide berth! The people are quirky. Friendly and fun but quirky with a weird sense of humour. But this all just adds to the city. The nightlife is wild. Bars, music and lots of beer staying open into the late hours – 5am is not uncommon. Friday and Saturday night are mad in a good way and there is enough to do in the city for a couple of days. It is outside of the city that everyone just explodes the senses. The thermal pool at the Blue Lagoon is a place like no other. The rising steam can be seen from miles away, the Aqua blue waters are enhanced by the black rock surrounds and the spa (in the pool) is as good as it gets. Lie back, float and have the stresses of your world gently coaxed from your body before swimming to the bar for a glass of champers – heaven. The “Super jeeps” are super (and they are jeeps) – you get the point. Gliding through the snow up on the glacier is an experience to behold and all part of the Reykjavik experience. The city is funky and out if the city is extraordinary. Scenery that is simply different to anywhere else on earth. In fact you could be on the moon. Maybe the conspiracy theories are true and Buzz and Neil did not go to the moon in 1968. Maybe they went to Reykjavik! I just hope they didn’t eat the fermented shark.

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