Its good to be back

January 4, 2016

Wow... where did that year go?! It was an entire year ago that I was excitedly leaving for my big back-pack adventure and suddenly here I am once again back at my big brown desk within the familiar office walls, gazing at the world wall map planning and wondering where I’m going to head for next...

Just kidding... I’m back for good!!

I have just spent the past 9 months travelling the stunning countries of New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Bali. My trip was so full of wonderful memories I could (and apparently sometimes do?) talk about it for hours. Each country I visited offered new and exciting experiences but if pressed to choose a favourite, my best times were in outback Australia where I spent three months living on a ranch with a lovely Australian family. I worked as a groom, a job I secured thanks to time invested as a 15 year old at my local stables back in Hertfordshire. (I decided it would be best not to mention the fact that my mum frequently covered my mucking out shifts).

The work involved excruciatingly early 5am starts (which I soon got used to), mucking out up to 8 horses and riding them daily - often up to 5 a day. And I loved every single second of it! Each weekend we took a team of horses to a different show, which meant grooming, plaiting and applying make up (no, not for me - the horses incredibly actually wear make up!). I would then warm the horses up ready for the family to take them into the show ring – with them frequently coming back with first place rosettes! I was lucky enough during my time there to have the chance to compete a couple of times myself. I had to conquer some serious jitters but completely loved the experience once I was out in the ring. I didn’t win a first or second place, but I brought home a third on a couple of occasions, which I was certainly more than happy with!

After spending a solid 88 days living and working with my adopted Ozzie family, inevitably the time came to leave and move on to my next adventure. I sobbed as we said our goodbyes, genuinely heart-broken! I ended up missing them more than my own family back home (sorry Mum and Dad)! The good news is we’ve kept in touch since my return and will no doubt meet up again, either back down under, or over here in the UK when the girls follow the well trodden Australian back-pack route to the UK.

So what can I say? Wow! Again! I’m so pleased I decided to follow my heart and do something out of the ordinary. It’s the most amazing memory I will cherish forever and an experience I will never ever forget.

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