A Dog is for life not just for Christmas

January 5, 2016

Every day is Christmas day for my two spoilt pups – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Millie and Beau had the most Christmas presents under the tree this year, wrapped up with ribbons and bows from all our families and friends! But buying toys and treats is too easy, especially when my office is around the corner from a huge pet shop. So preparing for Christmas was great fun, watching the pile of toys growing! And now Millie’s new favourite place to sleep is in her overflowing toy box! Much to Beaus annoyance, she is not impressed!

Christmas morning was an absolute delight watching them both in their matching festive jumpers, ripping and tearing wrapping paper off their treats. They also had some eggs and bacon as a special Christmas breakfast. They are spoilt with steak for their birthdays so of course a pile of toys and a turkey dinner for Christmas was essential.

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